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A common question that I always want to ask people: "What software do you use to make your music?" The answer is LogicX . Logic is a bit controversial in the space. Personally, I think what matters is picking a software that you enjoy. You can do EVERYTHING in any DAW, so what program you choose really is up to your personal preferences. I chose Logic because of its friendly and easy to use UI and its thousands of instruments and plugins that are free. I would love to try out FL Studio, however the plugins I would need would cost upwards of $1,000. Logic has been pretty loyal. Is is the best? Absolutely not. The Flex Pitch tool craps out a lot, and the program often hangs when working with lots tracks with several plugins applied at once.


Honestly it 's pretty basic. Almost criminally basic. I use a 2021 iMac, a Blue Yeti (USB) Microphone, and that 's it. For playing notes I use my computers keyboard or draw them into the Logic. Yikes, right?


To send music to platforms, you need a distribution service. I use RouteNote . They are alright but they christ are they SLOW. It took 22 days to get BITE approved from the time I finished and sent it to them.


I identify as queer and I reflect that in music. I came out when I was 18 to my family, and to my friends when I was 16. Music has always been a way for me to express myself, and being queer can make life complicated.


I don 't really have a "Process ". It can take as little as 2 weeks for me to finish a song, or as long as a year. There 's really no telling. Music is a reflection of how I feel in the given moments, and no surprise that feeling changes frequently. I have to get in "The Zone " . Everyday I get new ideas but once I start if the "Zone "doesn 't kick in I usually leave the project. I just do what speaks to me, and as it changes, so will the music. I don 't want to release something that doesn 't speak to me.

About me

Born in the Queen City of the Carolinas, Zach's produced since 2016. At a young age, learning piano helped Zach uncover a connection with music. During 2020, he recorded vocals from his dorm to sample with. The He1ium Project was started by Zach to share these samples, and eventually full concepts and melodies. In 2023, Zach released "Bite" that combined a variety of techniques to make a unique pop/club sound. For the latest updates, follow He1ium social media: